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Humans.txt: What is it? And Do I need One?


Robots.txt are used by most websites on the internet. While not all robots listen to the file, it's still a useful file to have for the robots that do actually listen to it. Even sites that let robots roam free have a robots.txt file. But what about humans.txt? What is the purpose of a humans.txt file?

The internet is designed for humans. While robots make up the majority of 'users', the internet is still made for, designed by, created by and created for humans. The humans.txt gives credit to the humans who worked to create the site, or helped work on a piece of the puzzle.

Coding can be a lot of work. It takes time to write up frameworks, FTP clients, and everything else that programmers use. In the humans.txt file, you can give a note of thanks to them. This site for example uses bootstrap and jQuery on the admin side. So, my humans.txt file gives a note of thanks to them, showing that their work has helped my site. If others look at my humans.txt file, they can see what helped me, and what might help themselves as well.

But how do you make a humans.txt file?

Easily! Just create a .txt file in your root directory.

What goes in a humans.txt? What is the format?

There is no official format. Normally you put who worked on the project, followed by some of the technology that you used. Did you use a framework? jQuery? Bootstrap? An FTP client?

Already using a human.txt? Submit your site to: http://humanstxt.org/

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